Thoughts from the Big Gray Chair

The Big Gray Chair

Retirement, Yarn, and Relocation

Once you make the decision to retire you face the task of restructuring your life. The occupation you once had provided you with financial security, purpose, a daily routine, and became part of your identity. So initially you are facing starting over starting over at an advanced age. The question now is what do I do all day and how can I still remain productive? It can become overwhelming. For me, as a teacher for many years leaving the classroom was a very big step and one that I did not take lightly. The challenge as a believer in being a lifelong learner, was to stay active and creative but to also allow me the freedom and luxury of doing pretty much what I wanted when I wanted. The routine that I had established and lived with for all those years served me well but I was at a point where I simply wanted a little bit more elbow room in my life. You always assume that is what retirement is for. 

Well, after numerous false starts and a few reality checks I decided maybe the best avenue was to simply pick something that I used to do, loved to do, but never had really had time to do anymore. It had to be something that would be associated with happy memories and also fit into the new and exciting changes that were taking place in my family. My children are grown and they were having children of their own. I was a Mimi and loving it. This wonderful event in my life made me think of my grandmothers especially my paternal grandmother. That was it. I’d start to crochet again. After all, my grandmother had taught me and every time I think of that time with her I have to smile.

Yarn. Who knew this could become an addiction. I started choosing  patterns for things I could make to my grandson and two granddaughters. Then I started choosing patterns and projects that were well very often above my abilities but would challenge me. Pretty soon I had far too much to ever just keep around. So with the encouragement from my children I started my little while what I would call cottage industry -MiZi’s Boutique. I won’t discuss moving from an education background to a business background I’m still trying to figure it out. I didn’t say I wanted to be a lifelong learner so here I am. I think that’s about all for today. I’ll save relocation for another day because that is definitely another story.

Signing off from the big gray chair,


(Mimi to five now!)