More to do than time allows

Yes, I know I am supposed to be online more but something has to give. The house sale did not go through but that has an upside I guess.  I might need an army to get the property ready, packed up, cleaned up, and sorted into keep and trash. I am trying to get a new shawl completed, and posted on my online store. The stitch is new to me and caught my eye. I can offer progress in that area. Oh, I am also moving my office to another room in the house. Yarn. Lots and lots of yarn. Those who crochet ...

Back again

I know my resolution was to be more active with my blog but I really have been busy with projects. Here are a few.
This is a baby blanket and a sleep buddy. It is not listed on my Icraftgifts shop yet but will be soon.

This is a lightweight shawl perfect for taking the chill off your shoulders.

Finally, this was a shower gift for one of the sweetest members of my family. It is not finished. After the blocking is completed I will line the back.

I have...

2023 Time to reboot

Now that the holidays are over, birthdays are over for the most part, and pneumonia has cleared, it is time to live up to my New Year's resolution to provide the administrative time needed to get this poor little business finally on firm ground and on its feet. Below is one of the projects to be posted on my icraftgifts site. I have about two or three more rows to complete.

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Thoughts from the Big Gray Chair

The Big Gray Chair
Retirement, Yarn, and Relocation
Once you make the decision to retire you face the task of restructuring your life. The occupation you once had provided you with financial security, purpose, a daily routine, and became part of your identity. So initially you are facing starting over starting over at an advanced age. The question now is what do I do all day and how can I still remain productive? It can become overwhelming. For me, as a teacher for many years leaving the class...

February 25, 2022

Well, life just keeps speeding by and suddenly it is almost March! Can you tell that I am not exactly great at blogging? This is new to me in the sense that I have never had to try and consistently keep a running online dialogue. At the moment I am finally working on a sampler afghan that I bought yarn for three years ago. Thank goodness Mikey from Yarninspiration keeps his tutorial videos up.  The photos represent how far I have gotten. It is done in blue tones on the video but when I bought th...

It can’t be November

I don't know where October went or how it can be the 6th of November. The holidays are coming and between trying to get ready for those and trying to get Mizi's back on its feet, honestly, I don't know which way to turn first. I have been trying to make a schedule and stick to it but that has been hit or miss. Well, there is still a lot to do, and sitting around complaining will not get it done so I am off to the races!

10-31 Halloween

Sunday, and it seems like October flew by. We did finally get the link to the new store working. I am sorry for the delay but there are times when technology just refuses to cooperate. My main goal for today is to finish a few projects and keep the puppy out of my yarn.

10-29. Plans for the day and chances of it happening

With any luck, I will get something done that is on my to-do list today. However, it is gray and raining and all I really want to do is grab some yarn a hook and settle in the big gray chair. Still, I would like to pull the Winter Chill collection out and get the new items photographed, and reshoot those previously listed on Zibbet entered on iCraftgifts. We shall see how the day goes.

Update: I actually got three things posted!  Ok, I know it is not much but it is raining and gray and I am c...

Welcome to Mizis Blog

Mizi's home page has been redirecting the flow of our followers to another site. It seems that will be a permanent migration. I was not expecting to start over from scratch but should not be surprised considering all the surprises and upsets life has thrown at us these last several years. So, Mizi's Boutique's new address will remain I am slowly- and I mean slowwwwwly- rebuilding a shop. I want to thank all those who have encouraged me and made it eas...