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How you helped Mizi’s Boutique become a reality

  We are thrilled that everyone using our Boutique knows that they are getting items created with the craftsmanship and care worthy of your loved ones.

ReGina and Nina Pino

We are thrilled that everyone who uses Mizi’s Boutique, knows they are getting unique one-of-a-kind articles worthy of that special someone you are looking to surprise with a gift or treat.

Before we created or even thought of Mizi’s Boutique I was teaching at a community college and my daughter and partner Nina was a manager at Shotzy’s sports bar.

Then after thirty-plus years of teaching, I felt that it was time to retire and spend more time with my growing family. I am now the grandmother of four wonderful children who call me Mimi. However, I was concerned with what I would do to fill the time when I was no longer teaching. I remembered how I loved to crochet. I had learned literally at my Grandmother’s knee and remembered how I treasured the doll dresses and baby clothes she made for me as a child and mother. So, I started making items for my grandchildren. I enlisted my daughter to help me add what I felt were the extra special touches that would make the doll dresses and baby items different from store-bought items.

But then…

I found I had far more items than I could use for just family and my children kept encouraging me to sell some online. I was hesitant but remembered how I felt when I received those special gifts my grandmother made. It was a feeling I wanted to share with you and your special someone. The next step seemed to be figuring out how to do this. Enter Renae Christine and Architect.

We wanted to offer something different than what one would find in commercial stores and appealed to the imagination and delight of children and adults. We also knew we had to have a way to reach an audience outside of just friends and relatives. Online sales were familiar to me as a customer but not a seller. As a teacher, I was familiar with creating educational sites but had no experience with a business setting.  It seemed like an impossible task. The idea of coming up with a sustainable product, a company name, and a business site and structure were terrifying.

It turns out…

 The road was even more difficult than I imagined. However, Renea always said to just take one bite at a time. So, a name would be a good start. I am a grandmother to four beautiful children who call me Mimi. My daughter is called Zizi, which stems from the Italian word for Aunt. It only seemed right to merge the two and form MiZi’s. The next step was not so easy.

It has been months of watching videos, calling for help, failures, and successes to get the next bite -the website- completed. Without the information, support from all the Besties, staff, and Renea’s webinars our dream would never have gotten off the ground. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with something that is unique and expresses your love for those that are dear to you.

One bite at a time…

Fearing that customers would not come or that we would not measure up to the expectations of our customers was terrifying. However, if I have learned anything it is that to quit before you try is not an option. That is far worse than trying and failing because you have done nothing, learned nothing, and gained nothing.

So it is ”Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead…

Our company’s name is Mizi’s Boutique. We are a new company and eager to become your goto shopping place when you are looking for a gift or treat for someone special. Our goal is to provide you with something unique that expresses your love for someone dear to you. Welcome. It is our pleasure to serve you.

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